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References: Lichenstein MJ Bess FH Logan SA. Validation of screening tools for identifying hearing impaired elderly in primary care. JAMA. 1988; 259;2875-2878

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Interpretation: Using a cutoff value of greater than 8, the test indicates "need for further testing for possible hearing loss."


Hearing loss affects between twenty and twenty-six million Americans. In fact if is the third most frequent chronic health problem facing senior Americans.
If you have not had a hearing test screening you can have one right now by simply honestly answering the following questions in the HHIE-S Questionnaire. This short self-report questionnaire has been recommended by numerous leading authorities including the April 2003 article appearing in JAMA. It has a high correlation to a pure tone screening Audio evaluation and in fact is sensitive to over 70% of persons who have a hearing loss. So take the challenge now and find out if you are likely to need help with your hearing. If you total score is higher that 8 you are at significant risk of having hearing loss you should discuss this with your physician.

EARtech "Better Hearing Challenge"

Hearing Handicapped Inventory for the Elderly - Screening (HHIE-S)
The Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly - Screening (HHIE-S) can be used to screen elderly patients for problems associated with hearing impairment.